Landing Pages

Learn how to use Landing Pages to collect email addresses.

Landing Pages are simple web pages designed to capture contact information, such as name and email address. When someone fills out the form on your Landing Page, that person is automatically added to your database, and then the system can trigger different events, such as email notifications, starting Autoresponders, starting work flows, and more. To get to the Landing Pages, go to Settings and then Landing Pages. This first screen will list all of the Landing Pages you have previously built. Here’s a thumbnail to give you a quick preview.

This arrow will open up another tab in your browser and launch the Landing Page for you. To edit the page, just click on the thumbnail or the name of the page like this. The folder icon will show the folder it’s in, or here, you can put it in a folder. Here, you can get a link to the page, a shortened link, a QR code for the page, or you can get the HTML for the form on the page if you wanted to give this code to your web developer to put the form on another website.

This is the date you created the page and here are the leads you got from the page. Clicking here will show you the Analytics for this Landing Page. Finally, here’s how you make a copy of the page and how you can delete the page.

Let’s create a new Landing Page. Here are the templates you can pick from. We’ll select this one. First, name it, and if you want to put it in a folder, you can do that right here. Or, you can do it later.

Here’s a preview of the page. To look at the full page, click on this arrow to open another browser tab and launch the actual page.

Let’s make some changes to this page. Click Edit. Now, from this screen, just click on the text you want to change. This editor will pop up, and you simply make your changes here.

Besides clicking on the actual text, you can also click on any of these buttons over here to make your changes. When you have the change just the way you want it, click Done Editing.

Now your page is ready to go. If you want to add fields to this page, you can click the Form tab and do it here. There is a different video that will walk you through this in more detail. The Actions tab basically says, What do you want to happen when someone fills out this form? The system will always automatically add the contact to the database, but here is where you can really automate your marketing efforts. The Thank You tab allows you to customize what happens after the person fills out your form.

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