How Do I… Customize the Contact Card

Learn how to customize the tabs on your Contact Cards.

Here in the lower part of the Contact Record we have several tabs that will display additional information about the Contact. Here you can see Notes, To-Dos, Appointments, Deals, and more. There can be a lot of good and useful information in these tabs. On the other hand, what if you don’t use some of these functions, or what if you want to change the order of the tabs so it makes more sense to you? Let’s customize these tabs. First, we will click Customize This Screen, then we select Customize Tabs. Here are all of our tabs, and this is also the order that they are displayed on the Contact Card.

Let’s say we don’t even use Email History, the Calendar, Autoresponders, and Deals. The first thing we’ll do is hide them. You’ll notice that all of our changes are saved as we go. Then I want to change the order of the remaining tabs. I want the To-Do List on top, then Referrals, then Notes. I will drag and drop them into place like this. Now when I go back to the Contact Card, the tabs I don’t use are gone and the ones I do use are in the order I want to see them in.

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