Add a Contact

Add contacts to the database.

Let’s add a contact to our database. By the way, if you wanted to add a group of contacts all at once, you would use the Import feature which you can find under Settings.
Hover over Contacts and click Add Contact.

A lot of this is self-explanatory, so we’ll just cover the tricks and tips. In the birthday section, the year is optional.

If Joey and Mary are married and they share the same last name, you can just leave Mary’s last name blank, and the system will assume the same last name. If Mary had a different last name, or they were not married, you would want to enter her last name here. Most of the time, we send physical mail to the home address, but if you will be sending physical mail to a company, you can put the company name here, and then check this box. There is only one address in the system, so it’s going to be either for the home or the business for this contact.

Let’s put in our phone numbers. With each phone number, we can put a note here. If it’s a basic note, like home, work, or cell, just click this arrow and select from the drop-down list. If you may be sending texts to this number in the future, check this box here. Here is a place to put a brief note. A Brief Note would be some general information about this contact, like, Joey likes playing golf. The Brief Note will show up on the Contact Record and is not to be confused with Notes that you will be using on an ongoing basis. Entering the Source here will help us remember where we originally found this client. Use Category, Category 2, and Tags to help you segment your database.
If you have Custom Fields set up, you will see them here.

Here’s a special box you should know about: Inactive. If you check this box, this Contact will never be included when you want to perform an action for a group of contacts.
You set up your Sources, Categories, Tags, and Custom Fields here in Settings. When you have completed this form, click Save.

Don’t worry if you can’t fill in all these fields right now – you can easily go back and add or edit this information at any time.