Email History for a Contact

See your email history for contacts.


When you go to a Contact Record, you can see the emails you sent to this Contact through our Spam-Compliant Email Server. These would be emails you blasted from ClientTouch, emails from Autoresponders, To-Do Emails, and emails you sent directly from the Contact Card. It’s great to see those emails, but sometimes you might also want to see the emails you sent and received from your regular email system.

By clicking here, the system will go and retrieve all the emails from your regular email server that were sent to and from this contact. This can be real handy to have all of your email correspondence in one place. By clicking on any of the emails, a new window will pop up and you can see the content of that particular email. Please note, this is just a history of email correspondence. You can’t send or receive emails from here. Also note that emails sent from the client database will have the analytical data here, including if and when the email was opened, if it bounced, if any links were clinked, and more. The emails that come from your regular email system will not have the capability to show this detail.

In order for this feature to work you will need to configure the system with your email login information. Go to Settings and enter your email address and password you use to login to your regular email system. Then click save. Now your Email History is configured and ready to use.