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Setting Up Deals

Advanced training on how to set up and use Deals.

In this video we’re going to learn how to set up deals.

The screen you’re looking at right now is an example of a mortgage deal that has already been set up.

Here in the top section you’ll find fields such as Deal name, Amount, Status and so on. These are fixed fields and are the same for all deals regardless of deal type. 

You have almost 50 fields to work with to create your own custom deal screen. These fields can be text fields, Drop down lists, check boxes, and the list goes on.

Down in this lower section you can have notes, appointments, attachments and your related contacts will show up here. But if those things don’t apply to your deal types, you don’t have to show them at all. 

To build these screens go to Settings and then Deal Types. 

Let’s build a new deal type from scratch. 

Let’s add a text field, a checkbox and a currency field. 

Now here are the rest of the fields… You can change the order as they will appear on your deals screen by moving them around – like this. 

If you wanted to make any changes, or you didn’t like the way something looked, you would go back to Settings and then Deal Types to make the appropriate changes. 

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