Words that can trigger spam.

It’s no secret that spam filters are cracking down on our emails— especially marketing and sales messages.

The filter’s job is to protect the receiver’s inbox from unsolicited messages that contains words best categorized as these following labels:

  • Click Bait, Manipulative, Deceiving: Creating a false or misleading message to lure users.
  • Pushy, Sleazy, Gimmicky: This is best described as being forceful or desperate.
  • Too good to be true: The act of making exaggerated claims or false promises.

Before you write your next marketing email, think about all the emails that are in your spam and promotional box. If you read the headlines, body content, and call to actions… you will most likely see a common trend.

The majority of those emails are littered with deceiving headlines, click bait, and pushy offers that are exaggerated.

We know as business owners and sales professionals, having a call to action is critical. So don’t neglect having a strong call to action in your messages but refrain from ones that create unnecessary urgency or outrageous claims.

Your readers and customers will take action if your emails contain enough value. 

Words such as 100%, Click Here, Bonus, Instant access… you get the idea. All of these words can get your emails flagged as spam.

The best advice to writing emails that do not get flagged for spam is simple: Write as if you were communicating with the other person in real life. 

Be personable, align your message with their timeline and needs, and most importantly provide value.

Below is a list containing a few of the words that can cause your emails to be flagged for spam. Keep in mind that this does not mean your emails will be flagged if you decide to use these words… but the more you use them, the higher the chance your emails will start getting flagged.

Financial: General

image source The Ultimate List of Email SPAM Trigger Words written by Karen Rubin2

Financial: Personal

Image source The Ultimate List of Email SPAM Trigger Words written by Karen Rubin

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