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Today customer relationship management (CRM) software is an essential part of running an efficient and successful business. But when you are choosing your CRM software, it’s important to look into its ability to filter, sort and segment information. Each solution might have its own characteristics and quirks. In order to judge the suitability of a solution, you should first consider how its functionalities can help your business. Here are some of the ways CRM filtering, sorting and segmentation capabilities can help you:

Focus on Segments That Matter

CRM software plays a vital role in finding the right targets. If you can segment your customers by gender, age, purchasing power, spending habits, and other criteria, you have a better chance of focusing on the priorities that serve your business goals. For example, you might decide to market to college students because you want to sell high-priced items to them in 5-years. Efficient filtering and segmentation can help you hone into a particular customer base to improve the possibilities for your business.

Make Better Decisions

Determining customer lifetime value (CLV) is important for long-term business success. CRM systems with great filtering, sorting and segmentation capabilities will help you dissect your customer base according to CLV. You can use this analysis to make better decisions about acquisitions, upsells and cross-promotions.

Improve Current Products and Services

CRM filters and sorting algorithms help you better understand your products and services. You can easily see which products are meeting customer demands and expectations. You can use this knowledge to improve things that are lagging behind. Or you can eliminate them and divert the resources to more profitable endeavors.

Track and Sort Employee Performance

CRM filter, sort and segmentation functions can help you better track the performances of teams like sales, marketing, and customer service. You can use the data to train employees who are underperforming and improve the overall productivity of your business.

Filter Out Possible Issues and Mitigate Risks

CRM filtering capabilities can be a powerful tool to analyze possible business risks. You can find information about past issues and get a clearer picture of the risks for your future projects. It’s an effective tool in your arsenal to mitigate risks.

Avoid Missing Opportunities

Businesses are collecting data from websites, mobile devices, the internet of things (IoT) and more. The flow of big data is overwhelming. Without effective CRM features, new opportunities will get drowned in the sea of information. So effective filtering, sorting and segmentation of data can help you see those opportunities.

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