Many people have asked the question, what is the most vital feature of a CRM? It is reasonable that they will ask this question, as the answer to it could mean an improvement to the current CRM system, which then leads to increased productivity. Some people think the most important features of a CRM are analytics, customizable contact fields, or sending emails from inside the contact screen. They are all wrong. The most significant aspect of a CRM is its ease of use.

Yes, it is good for a CRM to have many features, but sometimes that can be overwhelming, which is evident in the fact that about 70 percent of senior executives would rather have ease of use than have functionality. It is easy to believe that we want an app with all the features available, but when if you take a practical look at it you will see that most of the extra features are not very necessary and will only get in the way. With ease of use though, the day-to-day work of your team will be much simpler, and free of frustration.

What do we mean by ease of use?

Many characteristics define the ease of use – simplicity, speed, consistency, ease of integration, and lack of disruptions are a few of them. Simplicity talks about how easy it is to understand the software. Speed is quite self-explanatory. How fast does the software operate? The software should also be free from disruptions. Therefore, the operation should be comfortable. The software should also be as reliable as the sun. Furthermore, you should be able to integrate the simple CRM software with your other sales tool without a hitch.

Importance of top-notch usability

There are various benefits of usability. Let’s take a look at some of these benefits, so we can easily understand why ease of use is the most crucial aspect of a CRM.


Ease of use and job satisfaction are two sides of the same coin. If you really think about it, you would understand why ease of use could be vital to the overall job satisfaction of your team. If the CRM is easy-to-use, your team would not have to rack their brains to use it, and they won’t spend an unpleasantly long time trying to understand the system. So, they will be able to finish their work quickly and focus on other things.


Apart from the satisfaction and happiness, you stand to gain from an easy-to-use CRM; you will also see a marked increase in productivity. When your team doesn’t have to exhaust themselves mentally and physically on a CRM, they will be able to work for longer and more efficiently, thereby increasing their general productivity.

User Adoption

An easy-to-use CRM software is its advert. You won’t even have to spend your time convincing your team about the benefits of using the software because they also want something that will make their job a lot easier. An intuitive and simple CRM software is an employee’s most significant friend.


From all these, it is you can see why ease of use is the most critical feature of a CRM. Adopting a CRM that has the quality of being easy to use raises the level of satisfaction of your workers, thereby leading to an overall increase in productivity.

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