Share Templates

Learn how to share email and letter templates across the team.

Let’s talk about sharing templates with other team members. When I say templates, I’m specifically talking about Email and Letter Templates.

We’ll look at how emails are shared, but the same steps are used when sharing letter templates.

Right now I am logged in as the Account Owner.

Go to settings, and then email templates.

Here is my list of email templates and I have decided to share the Happy Birthday Template and the Happy Holidays Template with the rest of my team.

Next to each template you will see a column titled share by clicking the share icon button associated with the template you want to share, You’ll see that the button turns from grey to black and that means you have successfully shared that template with the other members of your team.

Now let’s go look at what the team members will see. I am logged in as Kyle Reynolds, This is what Kyle see’s when he’s logged into the system. I’ll go to Settings, and click on email templates.

You see he has his own Email Templates here but let’s say he wants to use templates that the Account Owner shared with him.

He’ll click on the “samples” button, scroll down to the section titled “shared team templates”, and here are the shared templates Kyle is looking for.

I’ll grab the Happy Birthday template , and then I’ll grab the Happy Holidays template. Now both are available for Kyle to use when he creates his emails.

Templates can be shared by anyone on the team as long as the account owner has granted them access to this permission in the initial team member permissions set up.

Keep in mind that any team member can see Shared Templates even if they can’t share their own templates.

And don’t forget, even when a template is shared, you still have to go into Samples and download it from here.