Team: Share Templates

Learn how to share email and letter templates across the team.

Video Transcript

Let’s talk about sharing templates with other team members. When I say templates, I’m talking about, specifically, Email and Letter Templates. I am the Account Owner. Let’s go look at my Email Templates. Here’s my Email Templates here. And I have decided to share the Happy Birthday Template and the Happy Holidays Template with the rest of my team. You’ll see that I’ve checked the boxes here, that way the rest of my team will be able to use these emails. Same applies to Letters, but we’re going to use Emails as our example. If I go in and log into … let’s say I log into Walter Reed’s account. This is what Walter is going to see. I go to Settings, and I go look at Walter’s Email Settings.

You see that he has his Email Template that he’s created and he likes using and everything, but let’s say he wants to use the Account Owner’s Happy Birthday and Happy Holidays Templates. Walter is going to go over here to Newsletters and Samples. Down here you’re going to see Shared Team Templates, and you see Happy Birthday, Happy Holidays. I’m going to grab the Happy Birthday, and I’m going to grab the Happy Holidays. Now those are available for when Walter sends out his emails. Templates can be shared by anyone on the team as long as they have this box checked here: can share templates with the team. Keep in mind that any team member can see Shared Templates even if they can’t share their own templates. Don’t forget, even when a template is shared, you’re still going to have to go into Settings and your Email Templates, Letters and Samples, and you’re going to have to download it from here.

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