Delete a Team Member

This will show you how to delete a Team Member.

Deleting a team member is pretty easy but in this tutorial i’ll walk you through the steps. 

The only two people with the ability to delete a team member is the team leader and the administrator. 

Right now your in team settings which you will find in your account settings. 

Let’s jump right in, sorry Alice but you gotta go. 

Click on Alice’s name and after you verify that this is the right person, you’re going to click Delete.

Before a team member is gone for good, this screen will pop up to remind you of the ramifications that follow this change and that once a team member is deleted, there is no going back. 

When we delete Alice, her contacts, to-do’s and deals will be reassigned to the team leader and her appointments and calendar events will be permanently deleted.  

Check the box that says i understand, and then click OK. Alice is no longer involved in the system and the items in her Database revert back to the Owner.