Assign To-Dos

Here is how you will assign to-dos to your team members.

You can assign To-Dos to anyone in your database sharing group. In this example, Kevin, Alice, Colby and James can assign To-Dos to each other because this is a database sharing group. Let’s see how to do that.

Right now, I’m logged in as Kevin, so I’m going to go in here and bring up a Contact. I’m going to go to the To-Do List, and I’m going to Add a To-Do. 

You see here there is a drop down Assign To. When I create this To-Do I can assign it to anyone in my database sharing group, so I’m going to assign it to James. Here’s what the To-Do is. Now that To-Do is assigned to James.

If I go in and log in as James, and look at his To-Dos, I’m going to see that he needs to call Nick Harper and check in.

Please note that anyone in the sharing group can Reassign a To-Do. In this case, James could say I’m going to reassign that back to Kevin, and then save it. Then when he looks at his To-Do List it won’t be on his list. But If we look on Kevin’s to do list it will be here on his list.

Now let’s see how we assign To-Dos within To-Do Plans. We’ll go to Settings, and then To-Do Plans, now lets create a new To-Do Plan that will have To-Do Assignments to different members. We’ll call it Kevin’s Follow Up Plan. We’re going to add a step here. This first step I’m going to assign to Kevin , and then we’ll save it.

The next step I’m going to assign to Alice, There’s an option here to assign the To-Do to the user that assigns the To-Do Plan. If you just leave this as Default, then the person who assigns this To-Do Plan to a contact will be assigned this particular To-Do.