Team: Assign To-Dos

Here is how you will assign to-dos to your team members.

Video Transcript

You can assign To-Dos to anyone in your database sharing group. In this example, Kim, Chuck, Maggie, and Walter can assign To-Dos to each other. Let’s see how to do that. I’m logged in as Kim, so I’m going to go in here and bring up a Contact. I’m going to go to the To-Do List, and I’m going to Add a To-Do. You see here there is a drop down Assign To. When I create this To-Do I can assign it to anyone in my database sharing group, so I’m going to assign it to Walter Reed. Here’s what the To-Do is. Now that To-Do is assigned to Walter Reed. If I go in and log in as Walter, and look at his To-Dos, I’m going to see that he needs to call William Brown and check in.

Please note that anyone in the sharing group can Reassign a To-Do. In this case, Walter could say I’m going to reassign that back to Kim, and save it. Then when he looks at his To-Do List it won’t be on his list. If we look on Kim’s list it will be here on her list.

Now let’s see how we assign To-Dos within To-Do Plans. Let’s go to Settings, and To-Do Plans, and let’s create a new To-Do Plan that will have To-Do Assignments to different members. We’ll call it Kim’s Follow Up Plan. We’re going to add a step here. This first step I’m going to assign to Kim, and we’ll save it. The next step let’s assign that one to Chuck. There’s an option here to assign the To-Do to the user that assigns the To-Do Plan. If you just leave this as Default, then the person who assigns this To-Do Plan to a contact will be assigned this particular To-Do.

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