Opt-in Numbers for Texting

All the ways to opt in a phone number for texting.

When sending text messages from a software app, strict rules and regulations apply. The person who is initiating the texts – that’s probably you – is 100% responsible for learning, understanding and following these rules. In this video, I will assume you know and are following the rules. Here is how mobile phone numbers are opted into the system.

If you add a contact manually who had previously given you permission to text them, Go to Edit Contact and check the box next to their cell number. If you imported a group of contacts who are already opted in for texting, you can add those contacts to Group Actions, and click here. This will take you through a short wizard where you will certify that you are in compliance and then opt those numbers in.

The system can automatically opt in your contacts to receive texts when they fill out one of your landing pages. Here is how you do that:

First build a landing page and include the phone field. Then add an extra field and make it a checkbox. Put a clear message here in the label field. In this texting opt-in drop down, select Yes, Opt-in Phone Number and click save. Now when someone enters their phone number and checks the box on your form, the system will automatically put the note “Cell” next to that phone number and opt them in.

If you are using Text-to-Join, the system will automatically opt the number in. If you are adding contacts from the API or from Workflow Triggers, you can set it up so the phone numbers coming over are automatically opted in.