Personalize Your Letters & Emails with Mail Merge

Learn to use Mail Merge to get your contact data into a letter or email.

You want to send a letter or email to your clients, but you want to make it look personal, like you sat down and wrote it just for them. This is where Mail Merge comes in. Now don’t worry if you’ve tried mail merging in Word or other programs. Here, you’re going to find mail merging a snap.

We build our letters and emails in Settings. Here’s a letter that’s not personalized. In other words, everyone will see, Hi There! In their letter. Instead, let’s personalize the letter by adding in some mail merge fields. The client’s first name will go here, so I click on the Merge Fields button, and select Contact’s First Name.

The mail merge codes will be inserted wherever your cursor is. Now let’s add the date and the client’s mailing address.

In the template, these mail merge codes look funny. But if we click Save and Preview, we will see what the letter will look like once it’s sent out. Once you have the mail merge fields all set up, you’ll go into ClientTouch, select the group you want to mail to, click Letters, select a template, and here are all of your letters, all customized to your database.

Now you just have to print the PDF and mail your personalized letters. 

We just demonstrated how mail merge works in letters. In email templates, it works in a similar way – but in email templates the button is called Merge Tags.