Working with Your Contact Groups

What you can do with a group of contacts in ClientTouch.

Here on this Contact Card, we are working with a specific contact, but anything you want to do with a single contact – like sending an email or assigning a task, you can also do with a group of contacts using ClientTouch.

Let’s jump over to ClientTouch and see how this works. 

Here we select the group of contacts we want to work with and that will be our workgroup. Within a workgroup you can send them an email, print mailing labels, start them on an Autoresponder campaign, put a note that will appear on each of their Contact Cards and a lot more.

Let’s try some examples… 

Let’s say you want to print mailing labels for everyone in your database. That’s really easy!

First we’ll add everyone by clicking here. 

There’s 117 people in your database and now all of them are here in your Workgroup.

We will click Mailing Labels and in about two seconds, here they are. 

Now, let’s say you want to send a letter to your past clients. 

The workgroup here still includes all of the contacts in your database and Workgroups are only temporary, So first we will clear this workgroup and build a new one with just your past clients in it. 

By Clicking here on the “add contacts tab” You can see your contacts filtered by Category, Flag, and Source.

Again, we’re looking for just your Past Clients so we’re going to click here and now we’ve created the new workgroup.

You will go to the Actions tab, click on Letters, select the letter you want to send out..

and just like that, we’ve created 26 individual letters that have already been mail merged and are now ready print. 

The Add and remove Contacts tab— allow you to get very detailed.

Let’s clear this workgroup and create a new one consisting of:
– your new Clients
– everyone in the B Referral Category
– everyone flagged as Buyers
– and finally, the clients you’ve sourced from your landing pages. 

Again, we will go to the Actions Tab and from here we can do all of these things with this specific group. 

You can see how easy it is to create special workgroups with specific contacts.

Just so you know, when building your Workgroups – if you are adding contacts from several different columns here, the system is smart enough to add a contact only once if the contact exists under multiple labels.