Related Contacts

Related Contacts can be friends, business relations, family, etc…

The system allows you to relate contacts to each other.

Let’s say for example in a family situation, you want to know that Wally’s dad is John, who’s also in your database, and Wally’s mom is Lori, who again is also in your database.

Let’s relate all these contacts together. From Wally’s contact card, click on Related Contacts.

Let’s add Wally’s Dad and mom here.

Click Add Related Contact and let’s look them up.

Here is Wally’s Dad. We select him, and then we put the relationship in here. When we add the relationship note, we want to say more than less.

We don’t just want to say “dad” because then we don’t know if John is the dad or if wally’s the dad, so we’re going to say, “John is wally’s dad.”

Here is a quick reference guide with some good examples for you.

Now let’s add Wally’s mother.

Here she is and we’ll say “Lori is Walter’s mom.”

Now, any time you go to wally’s account, you’re going to see that Lori is a Related Contact, and John is a Related Contact. If we were to go to John or Lori’s contact card, we would also see the relationship displayed there.

You can use this for family members or any other way they might be related contacts – like people who are part of the same transaction, or people who are are friends.

One last thing to point out, the Related Contacts tab on the contact card is not to be confused with Related Contacts in Deals. Related Contacts in deals relate to that specific deal only. They don’t have anything to do with Related Contacts on a contact record.