Managing Your Contacts: Related Contacts

Related Contacts can be friends, business relations, family, etc…

Video Transcript

The Related Contacts tab allows you to relate contacts to each other. Let’s say for example a family situation, you want to know that Wally’s dad is John, who’s also a contact of yours, and Wally’s mom is Lori, who’s also a contact of yours, and you wouldn’t know that just by glancing here. You can relate those together, so let’s do that. Let’s say we’re going to click on Related Contacts, and we’re going to add a contact here. We’re on Wally’s record, we’re first going to look up John Smith, who happens to be Wally’s dad, and we’ve got John Smith right here. We select him, and then we put the relationship in here. When we add the relationship note, we want to say more than less. We don’t just want to say “dad” because then we don’t know if John is the dad or if Walter is the dad, so we’re going to say, “John is Walter’s dad.” Okay, and we’re going to click Save.

Then we’re going to add the mother, so we’re going to go Add Related Contact, her name is Lori, we’re going to search for Lori and there she is, Lori Reed. We’re going to say “Lori is Walter’s mom.” There we go, we’re going to click Save. Now, any time you go to Walter’s account, you’re going to see that Lori is a Related Contact, and John is a Related Contact. If we were to go to John’s account here, you would see under Related Contacts that Walter is related.

You can use this for than just family members. If they’re related in another area, you can use this function to link them together that way. It could be people that are part of a transaction together, or it could be people that are friends, or anything you can think of that you want to relate these contacts together, you can use this related function. Don’t forget, use good examples over here. Use “Carol is April’s aunt” not just “aunt” because then you won’t know which one of those is the aunt. One last thing to point out, the Related Contacts tab here, these are contacts as they relate to this Contact Record. This is not to be confused with Deals which Deals can also have Related Contacts. When we put Related Contacts in a Deal, those Related Contacts relate to this DEAl, they don’t really have anything to do with the Related Contacts that relate to each other in the Contact Record.

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