Navigating the System

 Learn the different ways to navigate the system.

Finding your way around the system is easy. Let’s start here from the dashboard.

To find your contacts you can either use the Sticky Rolodex… like this. Or you can search for a contact up here.

The navigation bar will help you jump from one part of the system to another. 

Here’s my contact list where I can list all of them or filter and segment them by just about any field in the database. 

Your To Do’s can be found here, your calendar here. 

Oh, and by the way, we don’t have to go in order here, we can just jump around the system and get from one part to another in a single click – like this.

In most situations you won’t need to use your back button –  just use the navigation bar.  

Here is ClientTouch where you can perform bulk actions for your contacts. 

You will use Messages if you want to send text messages directly from the system. 

Settings is where you will do all your system set-up, build your templates, and configure how the system is going to work for you. 

To get around the system just remember this top navigation bar and the sticky Rolodex.  

Contact Support

Find help or reach us by phone at 888-903-9933