Navigating the System

 Learn the different ways to navigate the system.


Finding your way around the system is easy. Let’s start here from the dashboard.

The dashboard is like a quick summary of all the things happening in your database.

To find your contacts you can either use the Sticky Rolodex… Or you can search for a contact up here.

With our easy navigation, you can jump from one part of the system to another. Like this.

You can find whatever you are looking for just by hovering over these main menu items.

Here – under contacts will be everything about the contacts – Under automation, you will find all the functions that can be automated, and so on…

Settings is an important part of the system, especially when you are configuring the system for the first time. Here you will decide what to name your categories, tags and custom fields. This is also the place where you will build your email and SMS templates.

Account Settings can be found here where you can make changes to your overall account.

Finally, you will see this help icon at the bottom right of each page. This serves two purposes.

1. Under Answers you will find articles and videos with information about the page you are on. You can also search the entire help system by typing a keyword here.

2. You can also request help from our support staff by clicking Ask. You should expect a response to your specific question in a few hours.