Getting Around the System

 Learn the different ways to navigate the system.

Finding your way around the system is a snap. Here we’re on the Home Page, and let’s go through what we see here. 

The Recent Contacts, these are the 10 last people that you have accessed. Chances are if you accessed them recently, you might want to access them again so we put them right here.

If I want to go to Mary Ackerman’s account, I can just click there and there she is. This shows me my Saved Searches. If I commonly search for things like I want to see all of my Prospects, or I want to see my California Consultants, I can save this search and it will appear right here. Then, with one click I can just click here and there’s all my Past Clients.

Here’s the Email Information Center. If you’re using Email and Email Credits, you’re going to see this, and you’ll see your Email Reputation right here.

These big boxes here are ways to navigate around the system. 

If I want to go to the Calendar, I can click right here, and I’m in my Calendar. That’s the same as if I were to click here. Same screen. 

If I want to go to Settings, I’m in Settings. If I want to go back Home, I click Home. 

Over here is a summary of your To-Dos. You see I have 19 Overdue To-Dos and a total of 32 Open To-Dos. If I just click here, it’s going to take me to my To-Do List.

Back to my Home Page.

I’m able to jump around the system in one click.

If I want to go to Deals, I can jump here and I’m in the Deals module. 

If I’m in the middle of Settings, and let’s say I am working on my Custom Fields here. 

If I’m right in the middle of this, and I want to go back and look at my Contacts, I would not use my back button. I would just click here, click Home, or click on my Contacts.

If you’re looking up a specific Contact, you want to use the Rolodex. If I want to find the Reeds, I click R and I look here, and there’s Carolyn Reed and Wally and Lori is who I’m looking for, and I just grab that here.

Again, I can navigate with the big buttons. I can navigate up here; get to my Contacts, my To-Do-List, my Calendar. I can navigate using the Rolodex. Usually you can get around the system with one click. Don’t hit your back button. Use the navigation.

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