Managing Your Contacts: File Attachments

How to attach files to a Contact Card

Video Transcript

You can add File Attachments to contact records. This could be a Pdf or a Word document, this might be a contract, an application, or any other kind of document that applies to this contact. This can really come in handy because you can access that document from the road or from home or from the office. Here’s how you can attach the file. From the contact record, click on Attachments, choose the file from your computer, here it is, it’s the client application, and the system is ready to upload it, here it is, client application. I’m gonna upload the selected file, and there we have it. This is gonna list all of the Attachments here on this Contact Record. These are all stored in the cloud, so if you want to download it at a later time, you just click here and it’ll download to your computer and if you ever want to delete it, I’d just click on the Delete icon here. You can have as many Attachments as you need for each Contact Record.

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