Start a To-Do Plan on a Future Date

Learn how you can start a to-do plan on a date in the future.

What if you have a To-Do Plan that starts not today, but starts at some date in the future? Let’s see how we do that. Right now we’re in Settings and we’re in To-Do Plans. I’m going to look at Jeff’s Document Signing Steps.

In this example, I have a document signing that starts on day zero. There are things I need to do before the signing and things I need to do afterwards. I’m going to meet the client for document signing on day zero. The day before that I want to call the client and confirm the signing time and place.

A week before the doc signing, I want to call and schedule it. And then a month before, I have to get all the documents prepared.

By the way, this is just an example. Of course, your To-Do Plan will look completely different.

Now, after the doc signing, five days after, I want to send a Thank You Card. And then two weeks after I want to send a Survey Card. This is what your To-Do Plan would look like. When you’re building your To-Do Plans and adding steps, the way you schedule tasks before the start date is by putting a minus sign before the number. Like this. Your start date will always be day zero.

Let’s go over to the client record and we’ll see what the To-Do Plan looks like when we add it to a Contact. I’m going to go to the To-Do List and I’m going to select the To-Do Plan Jeff’s Document Signing Steps, the same one we looked at in Settings. The system will ask me when does this start, what is the starting date? Our starting date was day zero that we set up in Settings. This time we’ll start this To-Do Plan on July 15th.

Now I’ve got my tasks that are due before the 15th, and I have my tasks that are due afterwards. They’re all set up in here for me and the system will remind me when it’s time to do that particular task.