Import Notes

Importing notes with your contacts.

This video will cover importing notes associated with your contacts. Make sure you watch the basic import video first. 

Let’s look at a basic import. I have a file here with first name, last name, home address, city, state, zip, etc., Plus each record has a unique ID, right here…

If you plan on importing notes with your contacts, your basic import file MUST have a unique ID associated with each contact.

Some data files will already have a unique ID like this…

If your basic import file does not have a unique id, you can simply create a new column and number your contacts like this…

Now each contact has a unique ID.

What we just looked at was our basic file format.  

Now import the basic file as outlined in the basic import video. 

Now let’s look at your notes file. Here’s what the notes file should look like.    

It has an ID and name that matches the basic import file that you just uploaded to the system. 

Plus it has a field for the date of the note and finally the note itself.  

We’ve already imported our contacts with the unique ID and now we’re going to import the notes.

Go to profile settings, data migration, import contacts, Then click import notes. 

We’ll upload our notes file and click next.

This is the field mapping wizard. Map the ID here, map the date of the note here, and map the notes here. 

You can skip the name mapping because the system is getting these notes into the correct contact record using the system ID. 

After you’ve imported the notes be sure to look at several contacts to make sure the notes came over correctly. 

If you need to delete import batches and start over go to profile settings, data migration, and delete import batches.