Line Up Your Mailing Labels Like a Pro

Print Mailing Labels like a pro.

Let’s get your mailing labels to line up perfectly.

Start with Avery 8160 or 5160 labels. Avery 5160 labels are to be used with a laser printer and Avery 8160 labels are to be used with an inkjet printer. But functionally, they are the same.

When you’re ready to print your labels simply click on the printer icon, before your labels print, you will see the printer option titled “advanced settings” or “more settings” and when you click there, you’ll see a setting called Page Scaling… you have to make sure this setting is set to “none” or “default”, this is the key to having your address labels line up perfectly.

If you have Page Scaling set to something else, it’s going to print all over the labels and you are not going to be happy.

So, let’s recap.

Step 1: if you have a laser printer, you need to get Avery 5160 labels and if you have an inkjet printer you need to get Avery 8160 labels.
Step 2: make sure the page scaling option in your printer settings is set to none.