Enter a Second Mailing Address on the Contact Card

Learn what to do when a contact has two mailing addresses.

Let’s say you have two mailing addresses for a particular Contact. Where do you put the second address?

Here’s where we put the primary address. If I click edit you’ll see there is only one place to enter an address.  

First let’s explore where WHY there’s only one address: 

When you go in and do mail merges in your letters and envelopes, the system is looking for a single mailing address to print. 

If we had multiple addresses, it would just add confusion and complexity to the super simple mail merge process. 

So let’s look at an easy way to get your second mailing address in here. I’m going to add a note and put the address here, so let’s do that. Then I’m going to save it. Then I’m going to pin it, and if you don’t know what pinning is, you should watch the video on pinning, but all we’re going to do is click this pushpin, and it’s going to pin the address right here.

Now in the future when I bring up this contact, I’ll see the regular address here, and I’ll see the second address or business address right here. 

You can only mail to this address. So make sure you put the mailing address up here and any other addresses in the notes.