Send Autoresponder Emails to a Fulfillment House

Send autoresponder emails to someone other than the contact.

Here I have an Email Autoresponder sequence set up. This is set up for my new customer and I will send them several emails over a 15 day period. Each of these emails will go to my new customer. But what if I want to add a step where I want to send an email, not to the customer, but to somebody outside.

For example: I want to send this new customer cookies. So I want to send an email over to Betty’s Bakery, to tell them I have a new customer and that I’d like Betty to send over some cookies. Here’s how I would do that…

First we are going to tell the customer to watch for a package. We’ll add a step here, we’ll say 7 days and the template we’ll use is: Watch for a Sweet Package. We’ll save that, and that email will of course go to our customer after 7 days.

Now let’s tell Betty to send the cookies. I’ll add a step here for 8 days and the email template we’ll use is: New Customer – Send the Cookies.
Since I don’t want the customer to get this email, I want Betty to get it, I will click Advanced.

Here it’s telling me: Instead of the contacts email, send the email template to the following email address. So I’ll put in: and save it.

The New Customer – Send the Cookies email, is going to go out to Betty’s Bakery. We can click here to see what the email looks like.

In our example, we are sending an email to an outside fulfillment house. But you could also use this feature to alert somebody of something. Let’s say you wanted to send an email to your assistant and tell them to do something at a certain step- you can use this feature for that as well.

One thing to note: When you’re putting the email address in here, this person must be opted-in to receive emails from you or the system will not accept that email.