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Plan ahead – schedule your blast to go out later.

An Email Blast is a easy way to send a single email to multiple contacts in your database. Here’s how it’s done. In ClientTouch, you are going to find the Email Blast function here. You can populate your ClientTouch Workgroup a couple different ways. We’ll do it this way. First, we’ll clear any existing contacts we might have in our ClientTouch Workgroup. Then we’ll add the contacts we want to send our email to. Now that we’ve created our group, we’ll go back to the Actions tab and click on Email Blast. We’ll select the template we want to use that we previously created in our Email Template Library, or if we want to write an email from scratch, we can do that as well. I always use a template. That way I can test it by sending the email to myself and make sure everything looks just the way I want it to. I would hate to blast out an email to hundreds or thousands of people with typos in it, or worse.

This Email Blast is all set and ready to go. At this point, I can either send it now or I can schedule it and send it at a later date. To send it now, I just click here. To schedule it for later, I’ll click here. Schedule the day and time I want it to go out, and click Schedule. Here’s my confirmation that everything is all set and ready to go out. If I wanted to see a list of my blasts, both scheduled and already sent, I just click here. If I wanted to see the details of this blast or cancel it, I just click here. A couple notes. The system is smart. If you have a contact that was originally in your email blast send group, but then before the blast went out they were deleted from the system, or they opted out, they would not be included in the blast. If you want to get to this Email Blast screen later, click on Reports, and then Email Blasts.

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