Real-Time Email Analytics

Track the success of your individual emails and your email campaigns.

So you send out marketing emails… Now the question is: are they getting delivered? Is anyone reading them? Is anyone clicking on the links in your emails? 

Tracking your email marketing could not be easier. Here’s how it works:

Let’s say you send an individual email from the Contact Record, like this, or like this. 

A note will automatically be added that shows: when the email was sent, date and time, the subject of the email and who sent it, if you’re part of a team. 

This note is now a permanent part of the Contact Record. To see the actual content of the email, click on the Real Time Email Analytics icon. This screen will show you the email contents on the left and the details for this particular email on the right. Here we can see if the message was opened, if the message bounced, if they marked it as spam and if they clicked on any of your links.

The same information is available when emails are sent through the To-Do system, from Workflows and from an Autoresponder campaign.

To track your opens and clicks from an Email Blast, go to Reports and then Email Blasts. 

This first screen will show you a list of the blasts that you have already sent and if you have any blasts scheduled to go out on a future date, those scheduled blasts will appear here.

To see the details for a blast, click on this icon. 

Here are the details for this particular blast. 

Not just opens and click-throughs, but also bounces, Spam Reports and opt-outs. 

Let’s say I want to follow up with the people who clicked on my link. You see I have 17 unique click-throughs. By clicking on this binoculars icon, those 17 contacts will be listed here in the Contact List and added to ClientTouch. 

Now I can blast out another email or add a note or a todo for all of the contacts that appear on this list.