Permission-based Email

Learn how the system looks at email addresses.

Here’s how the Permission Based Email System works. When you look up a client in your database, you will see a colored box around their email address. The box will be gray, green, red, or orange. This color will tell you what their opt-in status is. You can also see their opt-in status by hovering over these icons. A gray box means that it is not yet been determined if they want to be opted-in or not. A green box means they are opted-in, and it’s okay for you to send them emails. A red box means they are opted-out, and you cannot send them emails. An orange box means you are waiting for a response from them to get their permission so you can send them emails.

There are a couple of different ways contacts are opted-in and opted-out. Let’s look at each way. First, contacts can be opted-in through your Landing Pages. You make your own Landing Page in the system and then when a visitor fills it out asking for information, they’re automatically opted-in. The other way other contacts are opted-in is through this Opt-In Wizard. Click here to start the Wizard. This would be in a situation where you are opting-in a single contact. You can opt-in a group of contacts by filtering them under the contacts tab. Then adding them to ClientTouch, and then starting the Opt-In Wizard. The purpose of this screen is to emphasize the importance of you following the Permission Based Email rules.

The next screen will help you determine which category this contact or group of contacts falls into. Read each section carefully, and then make your selection based on the one that most accurately reflects the situation. Please be advised that we are giving you a lot of rope here, and we don’t want you to accidentally hang yourself. If you’re unsure of where your contact fits, make the conservative choice. If they fit into the first category, they will be immediately opted-in and the color around their email will turn green. If they fit into the second category, they will be sent your opt-in email asking for their permission to receive your emails. In this case, the color around their email will turn orange.

You can look up and edit your opt-in email template language right here under Settings. If they fit into this final category, you cannot send them emails through our system, period. In a Permission Based Email System, your email recipient must give you permission in advance. Otherwise, your email is considered spam.

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