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Email Blast Analytics

How to view and use the Analytics from your Email Blasts.

To see the Analytics for one of your Email Blasts, go to Reports and then Email Blasts. Analytics is another way of saying the measurement, analysis, and reporting of data. This first screen will show you a list of the blasts that you have already sent and then if you have any blasts scheduled to go out on a future date, those scheduled blasts will appear here. To see the details or analytics for a particular blast, click on this icon. Here are the Real-Time Analytics for this blast. For a simple list, click here. However, the real power of this screen is the ability to do something with this data. Let’s say I want to follow up with the people who clicked on my link. You see I have 17 unique click-throughs. By clicking on this binoculars icon, those 17 contacts will be added to the Contact List and added to ClientTouch. Now I can blast out another email or add a To-Do to their Contact Record or print out the list. Don’t just look at the data, act on it.

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