Use your CRM for your drip campaigns

If you have any experience in marketing, you no doubt know what email drip campaigns are. You might refer to it as autoresponders, email marketing, drip campaigns, automated marketing, or lifecycle marketing, but we are talking about essentially the same thing. 

Drip campaigns ensure that carefully curated content can be scheduled at exactly the right intervals and delivered to your customer piece by piece. 

There are several ways you can build and deploy email marketing campaigns. A common way is to use a tool like Constant Contact or MailChimp. While this is a good option for some, if you are looking at building lasting customer relationships, you should use a CRM to do this task. 

The AllClients CRM for example has everything built-in for email marketing PLUS it is already integrated with the rest of your customer relationship management.  

Your CRM is your central hub for all of your customer information and interactions, so it makes sense to use your CRM for creating and deploying email drip campaigns.  By tagging and categorizing your customers in advance, it is easy to deliver campaigns that have specific content designed for specific groups of your contacts.

Drip marketing that creates additional revenues

Hopefully, you are already experiencing the benefits of email marketing. Now, what if we suggest that you can earn additional business by adding a slightly different type of drip campaign to your arsenal?

Your current and past customers already know you, like you, and trust you. So let’s take advantage of this and sell them more of what you have to offer.

For current customers, you might have a campaign that showcases all the things your company offers. Perhaps they are buying just some of your products and services and there are other things you have that would also benefit them. Maybe they are not aware of all of your offerings or maybe they just need a reminder and a gentle nudge to get them to give you more business.

For past customers, you can also showcase all of your products and services. They purchased from you once and chances are, they will do so again. You can also use a past customer campaign to ask for referrals.    

Drip campaigns should be specifically tailored to the audience you are sending to. This allows you to say exactly what you want to groups of your contacts that fit into different categories. 

This will help you sell a more complete package to your customers. We know that it is much easier to sell additional items to existing and past customers than it is to find new people who have no experience with you.

What are some other email drip campaigns you should consider?

There are lots of different ways you can use email drip campaigns in your business. Here are some to consider:

Pre-Sales Campaigns

You have a list of people who may be interested in your offerings. They may buy this week or they may not be ready to buy for a year or longer. An email drip campaign is an easy way to stay connected with this list until they are ready to buy.

In this campaign you don’t want the emails to just be advertisements for your company, you want to provide valuable content. For example, if you are a Real Estate agent, you may want to include information about how to get top dollar for their house when they are ready to sell. 

If you are providing valuable information in your emails to leads and prospective clients, they are more likely to read your emails and then more likely to call you when they are ready.

Onboarding drip campaign

Welcoming a new customer with an email campaign is a great way to build the relationship, make a great first impression, and educate at the same time. When someone first becomes a customer there may be a lot they don’t know about your product. An email drip campaign is a great way to help get them on board with your products and services. 

In these emails, you can introduce the different parts of your business – such as your team, educational content about your business, and even introductory discounts. If you have a product, you can use this campaign to teach them how to use it, tips and tricks, and so on. 

Re-engagement campaigns

Your past customers can be a great source of new business for you. These are people who already know you can deliver on promises, and your name is already familiar to them. 

Create an email campaign that re-introduces them to your products and reminds them that you are ready to help them at the appropriate time. As in our pre-sales campaigns, we want our past clients to open and read your emails, so don’t forget to give them good content and valuable information.   

Event series

If you have webinars or other events where people gather to learn more about you, you should have all the registered people on a drip campaign. You can market the event using an initial drip campaign with further teaser information being shared closer to the date. There are great opportunities to remind them about the date, refresh their memory as to the benefits of the event and follow up with great content after the event. 

Different types of follow-up content can be sent out after the event. You might have a campaign for those who missed the event and let them know what they missed. A completely different campaign would go to the attendees with more specific content relating to their experience at the event and potentially offers relating to services or future functions. 

However you decide to use email drip campaigns in your business, don’t be afraid to think outside the box and consider all the ways it can benefit you. The AllClients CRM has email marketing built-in so you don’t have to go out and buy a separate system for this task. You can create beautiful emails and then create campaigns, without the need to get a programmer or other technical resource involved.

Find an easy-to-use CRM, like AllClients and you will be well on your way to reaping all the benefits a CRM can offer your business. In fact, sign up for a free trial of AllCients right now and get started today.

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