To-Do and reminder applications have been around since personal computers started to invade the workspace. But the introduction of smartphones created an explosion of these applications. Smartphones made to-do and reminder apps more accessible.

They became as convenient as carrying pen and paper to-do lists. Because they are everywhere, business owners often underestimate the value of these apps. Here are some reasons why to-dos and reminders are important to your business:

Prioritizing Important Tasks

If you are using to-do and reminder apps to just record and cross off your tasks, then you are doing it wrong. Most apps come with prioritization capabilities. You can categorize and assign priorities to your tasks. If you design your workflow using these features, it can improve your efficiency.

Tracking Accomplishments

You probably feel a sense of accomplishment whenever you complete a task on your to-do list. But it doesn’t have to stop there. You can use your to-do and reminder lists to create performance evaluations. Accumulating accomplishments will keep you motivated. At the same time, if you are lacking in any area, you can remedy the issue before it becomes a bigger problem.

Tracking Check-ins and Events

Most businesses are not local. So you have to travel to places, attend events and conferences, and meet new prospects. To-dos and reminders are great for keeping track of check-ins and informing your whereabouts to your social network. Modern to-do and reminder apps have location-based integration to help you stay in touch. The feature lets you market your brand while you are on the move.

Remember Both Urgent and Time-Insensitive Communication

Most business owners are good at using to-dos and reminders for urgent emails or messages. But sometimes you need to make sure that you are taking care of high-value communications that might not have a deadline. For example, getting in touch with clients to find out if your products are working well for them. To-dos and reminders are great resources that can incorporate these tasks into your routines.

Improve Information Gathering

Whether you get your relevant business information from newspapers, magazines, or social media sources, to-do and reminder apps can become your alert system. You can program the apps to notify you whenever there is any news pertinent to your business.

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