Small Business CRM Software

Since customers are the life blood of any small business, getting new ones and keeping the existing ones must be one the small business owner’s top priorities.

The problem here is that small business owners are not usually experts in customer acquisition and contact management. They are experts in what they do the best. Chiropractors, carpet cleaners, Realtors, lenders, insurance agents, dog groomers, beauty salons, and other small businesses know everything about their area of expertise, but often they don’t know a lot about Small Business CRM Software.

Contact management software should be a key component in every small business.

AllClients takes a unique approach to client management software for small businesses. Our first priority for your small business CRM is ease of use. We know that it doesn’t matter how many features your CRM software has, if it is not dead simple, it will not get used.

After ease of use, we want to give our users just the CRM software features they need and no more. After all, who wants a big, clunky program that does a thousand things but none very well?

With AllClients CRM for small businesses, all of your client data will be all in one place. You will be able to quickly find your contacts, sort and segment them, add notes and utilize to-do list software to keep you organized. You will have access to the industry’s easiest email marketing system that features customizable email templates, email autoresponders and web forms. Your prospects and customers will be able to opt in or opt out of your emails, and will appreciate an organized small business owner.

Not limited to emails, use AllClients small business contact management software to send letters, postcards, and newsletters. Mail-merge is accomplished in seconds, get birthday reminders, and see your contacts in friendly chart and graph formats with AllClients small business CRM software.

Smart business owners know the importance of great small business CRM software. They weave this client management software into their everyday business management and actually have a strategy to get new customers and nurture the ones they already have.

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