Simple CRM Software & Simple Contact Manager

simple crm software and simple contact manager

“Simple CRM”, “Easy CRM”, “Easy-to-Use” and other phrases are common when you search for CRM Software. These phrases are so over-used and in many cases the exact opposite of the real truth! Whenever you hear “Easy-to-Use CRM Software” proceed with caution! In some cases that is going to mean that it will only take you 2 days to learn it!

There are hundreds (thousands?) of CRM’s for you to consider, and most, if not all, say they are simple and easy to use. How can that be? Especially when the inherent nature of CRM’s is that they are complex, confusing and anything but intuitive?

It’s because CRM companies want you to think that YOU are the problem when you find their CRM difficult. It’s not that their contact list management software is confusing, it is that you are a big dummy!

At AllClients we go about this in a different way.

We always have the USER of our product in mind with every line of code we write. How easy is it to get from one place in the system to another? How many clicks does it take to accomplish a task? Can someone who has never seen this screen figure it out without a users manual? 

In the simple contact manager, AllClients, new users are up and running in about 10 minutes. We purposely built this basic contact management software with the non-technical user in mind. We focus on the CRM basics, and make it easy for the average small business owner to learn and use. 

If you want tons of features, confusion and complexity –  and you are willing to wade through cluttered screens and cumbersome processes, then put AllClients aside and look for another CRM – there are plenty of those CRM’s to choose from! 

Here is what you can expect to find in the AllClients simple CRM software:


Put all your clients in one place and have their contact information at your fingertips. Keep client notes and add to-do reminders with ease. 

But having your clients in a customer database is one thing, mining your database is quite another. The AllClients’ basic contact management software makes a novice user look like a pro. Easily view and sort your contacts by category, referral rank, source, and custom flags all from one screen. Then you can sort and segment your data quickly:

“Show me all of my past clients who live in Chicago”

In about two seconds you have your list!


OK, so we have our simple customer database, and we can keep track of our prospects, clients and referral tree. A customer database is useless unless it helps you stay in constant “touch” with your clients. Whether it’s a personal visit, a handwritten note, a phone call, a monthly newsletter, a snail mail letter, an email or a text message, AllClients makes it easy. 

With ClientTouch, from AllClients, you can take a group of contacts and perform group tasks with just a few clicks. 


AllClients’ easy-to-use CRM software was built to help you get more referral business. Effortlessly keep track of your A, B, and C referral partners,  visually see where your best and most referrals are coming from with our Referral Tree. You will be able to sleep comfortably tonight knowing that AllClients is keeping an eye on your best referral sources. And we won’t let you forget them!


To use the AllClients simple contact manager, all you need is access to the internet. Use AllClients on your PC or Mac, iPad or tablet and iPhone or Android. There is no software to load, nothing to backup, no data to lose, and no hassle. Access your data from work, from home or from anywhere.

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