segmenting strategies to increase email marketing results

Segmenting your email lists will not only help increase open and click-through rates but it can also help improve your overall deliverability rates as well.

According to evidence gathered across multiple CRM’s, user data showed that when comparing segmented and non-segmented email campaigns, segmented email campaigns have a 15% higher click-through rate and a 60% higher click-to-open rate.

With that being said, I’m here to give you the following best practices and strategies for segmenting your emails.

Segment by Demographic

The first step that any business owner or marketer should take when starting their segmentation process, is to segment demographic data. 

Data points and information such as: location, company, interest level, and source — are all vital data points that can help segment your list.

Leverage your CRM to track and organize this information.

Once you have your data points identified, you can start segmenting your contacts into the categories listed above. This allows you to write your emails specifically to the different demographics… think of segments as buckets.

Segment by Engagement (Past & Present)

Engagement is another great way to segment your lists. For example, if someone has engaged with your emails, ads, or messages in the past, you can group those contacts into a “high interest level” bucket. And then create a “low interest level” bucket for the individuals who’ve shown little to no interest.

This allows you to increase your focus on the contacts that are active and spend less energy trying to target the contacts who are not as interested.

Segment by Purchase History

Tracking your customers past purchases can be super helpful to build better relationships and also increase revenue.

For example, if you have a customer who purchased a product that needs to be refilled monthly or quarterly; you would strongly benefit by creating specific email campaigns with monthly offers that solely target those customers. We want to make sure they come back to you or the refills!

Another example is if you have customers who purchased a product that has since been updated, you can target them with offers for the newly updated product.

You get the idea here… A lot can be done when you utilize the information you already have.

Segment by Special Events

Use your CRM to track customer information such as birthdays, anniversaries, accomplishments etc.. 

You can use this information to send thoughtful emails that remind your customers about you and your services… helping you and your business stay top of mind!

Using these strategies will allow you to personalize your email campaigns and ultimately increase your deliverability, open, and click-through rates.

If these strategies are implemented properly, you will also see an increase with your marketing results, sales revenue, and client retention!

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