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You have a CRM that works for you.

But what happens when you need to share contacts with a partner or a small sales team? OR each member of your sales team has his/her own contacts, but you want to share email templates and other settings with your team?

The best way to organize a sales team is to use a sales team CRM. A sales team CRM will allow team members to assign tasks to each other, use the same email formats, and same landing page designs, which will project a uniform company look. The team leader, and any team members with Administrator rights to the sales team management software, will be able to see all contacts across the team and send out correspondence to the entire contact universe when needed.

There are very few contact managers that properly address the sales team CRM model.

InfusionSoft, Salesforce, and AllClients software all have team functionality, with AllClients shining as the clear leader in this area. Besides being the most affordable, AllClients is also the most intuitive sales CRM software with a logical business approach to team management.

Not all sales team members are created equal. You may want a team member with essentially the same access and permissions that the team leader has. You would set up this team member with Administrator access, and both of you would benefit from all CRM system features and functionality.

Or you may have a Power User who works independently for the most part, but still shares some configuration aspects with the other team members. You can even create sub-teams under your power users with AllClients sales CRM software.

Then you have standard users who have limited access to the databases but still have enough privileges to be productive and useful.

With AllClients management software you get the most flexibility when it comes to a sales team CRM. And the best part about our sales team management software is you can start out as a single user and build your team over time.

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