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As a small business owner or sales person trying to get new clients in the door, we work hard to find and attract these new prospects. 

One of the best ways to follow up and to stay in touch is through email. You might use email blasts, emails as part of an overall marketing campaign, or even personal, one-off emails. 

Whatever the case, once we send the email many times it’s like it goes off and gets lost in the abyss.

Is Anyone Reading My Emails?

How many times have you sent an email you thought was going to get a great response but then all you hear back is crickets?

Well?? What’s the status? Did they even open it? Did they click on my links? What’s happening on the receiving end of my emails?

Wouldn’t it be great if you had the ability to follow your emails right into the recipients inbox and then report back to you when they open it, how many times they open it, and when they click on the links inside your emails?

Wouldn’t that be cheating? Isn’t that creepy?

Well who cares! Facebook and Google spy on me all the time. Why can’t you gain a little advantage here for your business?

The AllClients Activity Widget

Your AllClients CRM software tool will track every email that goes out of the system and report back to you all the opens and all the clicks.This is done all automatically using the Activity Widget. Then you can just look on your dashboard at your Activity Widget to see which contacts in your database are taking action from your emails. 

You can set it to report the last 24 hours, or the last 7 days, or for any time period. You can even create multiple Activity Widgets to track opens and clicks for several different time periods. 

Now at a glance you can see who has recently been opening and clicking on your emails. Chances are, they might be heating up as a good prospect for what you are selling.     

This insight can make a huge difference in who you decide to follow up with on any given day. Someone who just opened your email might benefit from a call from you today while they are thinking of you.  

The Activity Widget is like a window into your database to see which contacts might be getting ready to make a buying decision. 

You may have an Activity Widget already on your AllClients Dashboard. But if you don’t, learn how to set it up here.

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