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Lenders are a rare breed indeed. The best lenders have great people skills, they understand the business and give relevant and timely advice, of course they are good with numbers, and they are extremely organized.

Well, some of them are organized. The rest of them have hundreds of sticky notes all over their desks at work and at home, and you should see their cars! These poor souls are so good with clients and numbers, but they can’t see the money they are leaving on the table by not being organized.

Mortgage professionals, in particular, need to be ultra organized. Detailed client notes and timely follow up will not only make their lives less frantic, it will put more money in their pockets. Proper contact management software is the key.

Generic CRM mortgage systems will not work for the mortgage industry. AllClients was originally written as a CRM software for mortgage brokers to help keep the lender in control of their business.

Besides being super easy to use, lenders will love the “White Board” feature of their mortgage CRM software that allows them to see the clients they are currently working with on the computer, just like they are used to seeing it on their white board.

AllClients, a superior contact manager, will help the lender stay organized by reminding him or her to follow up with the client who wants to refinance several weeks or months in the future. They can set a reminder and then forget it. When that time rolls around, a to-do reminder will pop up and tell them to go get the deal. All the transaction details are stored on a single screen for easy entry and easy access.

One of the best features in AllClients CRM mortgage software is the Referral Tree. Lenders know how important referrals are to their business and how it is important to cultivate and reward referral partners. The CRM’s Referral Tree will show the lender who their best referral partners are in a simple, visual format.

The smart mortgage professional combines their own talents and the use of smart Mortgage CRM systems to maximize their business potential.

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