Prospects and decision makers are bombarded with emails daily, from retail companies constantly sending promotional emails, work related emails, newsletters, and the list goes on and on. 

As a result, two problems arise from this: 

  1. The QUANTITY of emails inside your prospects inbox.
  2. The low QUALITY of emails. Think about it, everyone is trying to sell something to your prospect. The amount of offers and “deals” sent every day via email is unmeasurable. 

Both of these factors cause A LOT of noise in your prospects inbox.

So how do YOU stand out? 

First, you have to understand the difference between MARKETING messaging & SALES messaging. 

Sales messaging is aimed at generating conversations and building relationships with ideal prospects to move them to the finish line. 

You write as you would normally talk to a client or a potential prospect in person.

Marketing messaging will sometimes uses deceptive wording, clouded sentences and shiny offers, and call-to-actions that might not align with your prospect. 

Look at your spam and promotional inbox, it is cluttered with marketers trying to entice you with whatever agenda they have.


marketing vs sales marketing 1 3

Notice how the subject line has an emoji and the wording with the image is not personalized or seems as if it is talking to a mass crowd? This will cause your email to land in the promotional or even spam box.

Sales messaging on the other hand, allows you to align with the prospect’s agenda and earn conversations, relationships, and ultimately sales.


As sales professionals and business owners, our goal is to engage and communicate with our prospects and customers to help create further desire for your solution, service, or product. 

Marketing messaging usually does not recognize your customers individually, whereas sales messaging does. 

Both sales and marketing are needed to make campaigns successful, but knowing when to pivot between the two is key. We believe that good marketing campaigns will soften your prospect and pique their attention, whereas sales messaging generates real conversations and drives conversions. 

So write your emails like you are conducting a conversation with a potential prospect or customer in real life. Build relationships, create the desire for your prospects, and you will be rewarded with raving customers. 

Implementing this communication technique will help your emails come across more human-like and ultimately bypass spam filters and promotional mail. Try it out!

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