If you are a loan officer you will remember the “good old days” (about 3 years ago) where you could just come into the office and the phone would ring with past clients and prospects wanting to get a new home loan or to refinance with you. 

You could count on your book of business to come through for you week after week, month after month and year after year. 

These days, being a loan officer is much more difficult. You need to have your act together – you need a loan officer CRM. 

While there are hundreds of loan officer CRM choices available to you, finding a generic CRM and then trying to customize it for your mortgage business, is just not good enough anymore. AllClients is a Loan Officer CRM built especially for you. In fact, AllClients CRM software was created by a Loan Officer for other Loan Officers. 

AllClients is the only loan officer CRM that will put your whiteboard on your computer. See all the loans you have in process and what stage they are in at any given moment. And in AllClients CRM software, it even looks like a white board. 

This loan officer CRM will not only allow you to track your current and past clients, but also help you generate new leads with the easy to create web forms, and autopilot email campaigns. 

Are referrals a big part of your business? Then you will love the Referral Tree built into AllClients loan officer software. At a glance you will be able to see who referred whom, and who is giving you the most referral business. 

The smart loan officer knows the value of a smart CRM for loan officers. AllClients’ commercial loan broker CRM stands alone with Client Management, Online and Offline Marketing, and Referral Management all in one easy-to-use package, and all designed specifically for loan officers.

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