getting started with marketing automation

Marketing and sales teams in various organizations look for more effective ways to do their jobs for them to reach their goals. Automating repetitive marketing processes like social media, emails and other website tasks will help improve the general efficiency of the marketing department.

The Basics

Marketing automation refers to a technology that manages marketing actions and multifunctional campaigns, automatically across different channels. Various software is available for delivering personalized messages to leads and customers. In a broader scope, different aspects of business development and marketing are incorporated into market automation.

Repetitive tasks in businesses are the ones where employees are most prone to errors. This is because handling a repetitive task can become boring thereby leading to reduced concentration. If these tasks are automated, you can then focus your workforce on higher-order problems. There are different marketing automation tools and software you can get to simplify most of the time-consuming tasks in your organization.

Sending personalized message can be quite tedious but using a marketing automation software, you don’t have to go through the rigors of handling it manually. Companies that produce products with a long conversion cycle will also find marketing automation handy as it helps accelerate the process.

Marketing Automation Costs

Perhaps you have decided to incorporate marketing automation into your business, but you are wondering it costs. Well, there isn’t a definite answer to this because the cost is quite dependent of what tool you are using! AllClients has packages that include Marketing Automation starting at around $50. You can find other systems that go well over $1000/mo.

To put this into perspective, on the average, large tech companies allocate about 1.6 percent of their staff allocations, and 3.1 percent of their programs budget to market automation. Market automation accounts for up to 7 percent of the total budget of most companies, showing the importance of this technology in business today.

Now What?

Migrating to market automation requires you to define your goals, choose the right software for your business, and getting ready for the reconfiguration of your processes.

Choosing the market automation software that best suits your business depends on the requirements you need as well as your budget. Besides AllClients, there are a few more popular choices including Ontraport, Infusionsoft, and Marketo.

While market automation is an excellent choice for your business, it is crucial that you select a CRM platform that best suits your business model and strategy. Also, ensure you make your choice depending on the features you need and your budget. It is imperative you get the decision right, as it is going to handling your business processes.

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