Inbound Call For Information and Phone Based Marketing System

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So you think no one uses their phone (as a phone) for marketing or to get information anymore? Well think again.

Millions of your prospects and customers are still using their regular ole phones to gather information and make buying decisions. In fact, there is still a segment of our population that either doesn’t have the internet, or is not comfortable with the internet. A familiar phone is one of the best ways to reach these people.

AllClients has a free recorded message system available as an add-on to our CRM used primarily for marketing. Or if you just need a phone system without the CRM, that is available too. 


  • Dedicated local number or toll free number
  • No busy signals…ever
  • Working for you 24/7
  • Easy message recording using a regular phone or upload an mp3
  • Option to transfer to live person
  • Unlimited extensions with no limits on the recording times
  • Sends you an email and/or text when someone leaves a message
  • Call forwarding
  • Detailed call reports
  • Pay as you go billing system
  • Set it up in 5 minutes
  • Built into the AllClients CRM or available as a stand-alone product

(This phone message service is for inbound calls only This is NOT a robocall or ringless voicemail system)

Example Uses:

A Call For Information System

Get a local or toll-free number that your customers can call in to, to receive information you want to communicate. Perhaps you are a business and want your employees to be able to call in for company status updates. Or you operate a church and want your parishioners to be able to call a phone number to listen to a sermon without needing to be on the internet.

There are hundreds of different uses when you have a powerful information line. You can even use the same number for different purposes. Let’s say you own a retail shop and a health club. Using the same main number, you might use Extension 10 to tell your callers about the items on sale at your store. And Extension 20 will tell your callers about the hours of operation at your health club.

This system is available as an add-on to the AllClients system or as a stand alone product. 

A Free Recorded Message System Used for Marketing

With this business software tool, prospective customers will call your special message line to get information FROM you or to leave their information FOR you, or both.

The magic of a free phone greeting recording is that prospects feel comfortable and non-threatened calling a recorded message line. They are not so comfortable when they know they might have to speak with a pesky sales person.

Recorded Message System Ideas:

1. Have a single purpose hotline offering a free report.

You would advertise your recorded message number, with no extensions, on Craigslist, or on signs, business cards, flyers, etc… 

The Ad might look like this: 

Free Reports: The Inside Scoop on Homes in Oakmont. Plus bonus report: 6 Home Selling Secrets Realtors Will Never Tell You. 

24/7 Free Recorded Message: (555) 555-5555

Your Main Greeting on your recorded message line might sound like this:

“Thank you for calling the Oakmont Properties Message Line. We have a free report that will give you the inside scoop on all of the homes sold in Oakmont over the last 6 months. It includes asking price, selling price, days on the market and more. You will also get the free bonus report, entitled: 6 Home Selling Secrets Realtor’s Will Never Tell You.

To get your free copy of these reports, please leave your name and home address after the tone, and we’ll send it to you today. Please speak slowly and clearly so there is no delay in getting this information mailed out to you. If you would prefer to have these reports emailed to you, let us know and leave your email address for a faster response. Thank you!”

Now press pound to leave your message.

2. Have a Multi-purpose hotline with extensions and live transfer.

You might advertise your recorded message number, like in the first example, but have several different offers at different extensions. Or in our Real Estate example, you could use a house address number, extension 1332 for the property at 1332 Crestwood Drive, to describe the specific features of that home. 

In this example, your Main Greeting on your recorded message line might sound like this: 

“Thank you for calling the Oakmont Properties Hotline. At any time you can press zero to be transferred to a live person, press pound to leave a message, or press star to get back to this main greeting. Please enter your extension, now.”

3. Run completely separate businesses or have completely unrelated information all coming from your single recorded message number.

Let’s say you and your spouse own a widget business, plus one of you coaches little league baseball and the other has a scrap-booking club. You could use your recorded message number for all of the above! 

You could create 100 extensions, say extensions 1-100, for your Widget company. Each extension would describe a different type of Widget and you would tell your callers which extension to press for each unique Widget on your website. 

Then you would give your Little League parents the same number and tell them to go to “Extension 250” any day of the week to hear updated practice times and upcoming game times and locations. 

Then you would tell the scrap-booking folks to call and hit “Extension 700” to hear when the next club meeting was, and what to bring. 

Your Main Greeting on your recorded message Line would be rather generic and might sound like this: 

“Thanks for calling. At any time you can press pound to leave a message, or press star to get back to this main greeting. Please enter your extension, now.”

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