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Easy to learn and easy to use

AllClients is CRM software designed to empower the non-technical, small business owner. Simple to use – there is no training needed. Jump right in and see how easy it is to stay in control of your business with one simple tool. 

Your Complete Sales and Marketing Solution.

Your Complete Sales and Marketing Solution get organized. grow sales. save time.

Contact Management

Marketing Automation

Email Marketing

Other features

SMS Marketing

While email is still the #1 way to communicate with clients, text messaging also has its place. Add texts to your campaigns and workflows to meet the clients where they are at.

Mobile App

Take your contacts, appointments, notes, and to-do’s wherever you go by accessing your client database from your tablet or your phone.

Intelligent Rules Engines

AllClients uses AI to predict which leads may buy sooner than others. AI will deduplicate your contacts, trigger automated protocols, and filter out spam and bots from your landing pages.

Client Referral Tree

Quickly and easily see who has referred whom in an easy-to-understand, visual, referral tree. Reward your best referral partners so they keep sending clients your way.

Agenda Assistant

AllClients will send you an email each morning to tell you what you need to do today. You’ll get reminders about appointments, to-do’s, client birthdays and more.

Monthly Client Newsletter

Stay in touch with clients (past, present, and future) the easy way. Send a pre-written, general interest newsletter with fresh content each month, or edit our content to make it your own.


Get everyone in your office on the same page. Share contacts and templates with other team members, or keep your contacts separate. Assign to-do’s to each other and every team member can have unique database permissions.

Appointments Calendar

Keep track of your client appointments in our easy-to-use, integrated calendar. Get appointment reminders each morning in the Agenda Assistant.

Deal Tracking

Track the details of your transaction and create custom deal types and then populate the deals with all the relevant information.

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