Team: Frequently Asked Questions

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AllClients Team allows a group of employees to work together sharing contacts, templates and settings. There are many team configurations to choose from, including teams who all share the same database, have individual databases, or combinations with both types in a team.

The Account Owner is the team leader and can see everyone’s databases, move contacts from one team member to another, assign to-do’s, and more.

You can even create sub-teams who all share the same database, and have some of their own settings and templates.

Team members can be added at anytime for $15 per member.

There is no set-up fee and you will pay $15 per month per Team Member. 

(This is in addition to the Account Owner paying $29 or $19 for the main account)

Feel free to set up your Team and if after 14 days, if it doesn’t work for you, we will give you a full refund for the Team Members you added.

Log into your account and go to Settings -> Account Settings -> Team Settings and click “Add Team Member”.

That Team Member’s To-Do’s and Appointments revert back to the database owner. If this Team Member had his/her own database, all data will revert back to the Account Owner.

No, but the Account Owner and Administrators can access a Change Log showing when Team Members executed major events like Group Delete and Group Edit.

There are 3 Levels: AdministratorPower User and Standard User.

(all levels have full access to the Contacts and Deals assigned to them)

  • Full access to system wide Settings
  • Full access to all information and all databases
  • Can assign and re-assign Contacts and Deals
  • Can add and delete Team Members
  • Does not have access to Billing and Plan setup
Power User:
  • Has their own Advanced Settings including: To-do Plans, Autoresponders, and Webforms
  • Has access to Utilities including the ability to Import and Export data
Standard User:
  • Has limited access to Settings and no access to Utilities
  • Uses the Account Owner’s or a Power User’s Advanced Settings
The Account Owner or Administrator can:
  • Set up the system settings that will be used by all Team Members
  • Add or Delete Team Members at anytime with no commitment
  • See each person’s database individually. Including Contacts, To-Do’s, Notes, etc.
  • Re-assign contacts and/or Deals from one user to another, individually on in a group
  • Share their email and letter templates with the Team
  • Assign To-Do’s to anyone on the Team

All Team Members can:

  • Access the Contacts and Deals that are assigned to them.
  • Have their own Email and Letter Templates.
  • Have to-do’s assigned to them and can assign to-dos to others who share their database.
  • Have their own Calendar and Appointments

Team Members access can be configured as follows:

  • Has his/her own Contacts and Deals or shares with another Team Member
  • Has Administrator Rights
  • Can Share Templates with the Team
  • Can Group Edit and Group Delete
  • Has their own Autoresponders, Webforms and To-Do Plans or uses the same ones as the Account Owner

Yes. However some of the settings need to be system-wide. You will set up the sub-team leader as a Power User, and the Team Members on his/her team will access his/her database.

Yes. Each Team Member can customize their own emails, including their headers and footers.

Yes. You will get credit for the full dollar amount they are paying.