email marketing campaigns are not good enough anymore

An Email Marketing Campaign is one or more emails sent to contacts in your database and it’s designed to get them to take a specific action. CRM systems use Autoresponder tools to facilitate the building and sending out of emails in an email marketing campaign.  

Examples of email campaigns would be sending a series of emails to prospective customers to try to get them to buy, or sending emails to past customers to try to get them to re-engage, or sending emails to current customers introducing them to additional products or add-ons that you offer. 

Email Marketing Campaigns and autoresponders have long been the foundation of inbound marketing. However, their effectiveness has been diminishing in recent years. Constant Contact and MailChimp are examples of companies offering email-only marketing solutions. These are great companies and good choices if you are going to use emails exclusively in your marketing.

Email-ONLY Marketing— is NOT the Way to Go

The problem with just using emails in your marketing campaigns is that not everyone uses email as their primary form of communication. While email marketing is still effective, a campaign that features a combination of emails + text messages + phone calls + snail mail letters and postcards is far more effective in reaching your customers and prospects. 

In AllClients you CAN build campaigns with just emails, but instead, we recommend you use a mix of different communication methods. Implementing a marketing campaign that has both emails AND text messages will give you a better chance of getting your prospect’s attention than just email alone.

CRM Workflows will soon replace Email Marketing

A CRM workflow is a series of client activities that you can group into a single sequence. So, like an email marketing campaign, a workflow can be a series of emails. But better than an email campaign, a workflow can also include other activities like changing database attributes (Categories, Sources and Flags), sending text messages to the client, assigning To-Do’s to your team members, sending notifications to you about where the person is in your funnel, and more. 

A workflow campaign is much more flexible and powerful than an email campaign. AllClients’ Workflows are super easy to build and you can use them for more than just to acquire new customers. You can also use workflows to help you follow up with past customers, and help you manage the customers you are currently working with.

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