Email Autoresponder Service and Autoresponder System

email autoresponder service and autoresponder system 2

You know you need to continually stay in front of your prospects and your customers, not just to maintain your business, but to grow it as well. While personal visits, and handwritten cards and letters are always your best bet, they are almost never practical, for two good reasons: Time and Money.

A couple other options are text messages and ringless voicemail. People usually think of text messages as a personal way of communicating and not really for business. And ringless voicemail is real close to robocalls which everyone hates. 

That leaves email. Email is cheap and if done on a regular basis it is highly effective.

(Just to be clear here, we are not talking about SPAM. When you are sending SPAM, you are sending emails to people who do not know you and do not what to receive your emails, no matter how valuable YOU think the content is.)

What Email System to Use?

OK, so you know you need to stay in regular contact, and you know you need to use email…now what? 

Can you just use your normal Gmail or Outlook email for marketing? No, not really. Your regular email system is not set up for marketing purposes, you’ll need a different service. 

There are many email marketing services to choose from: Constant Contact, MailChimp, Aweber and GetResponse are some of the top players in this area. These are great choices if you just need email marketing. 

If you also need the ability to manage your leads and customers, you will also need a CRM. CRM’s like AllClients have both the CRM and the email marketing functionality built into one easy-to-use package.  

Email Content and Frequency

What are you going to say in your emails and how often should you be sending emails? You want to keep the content interesting and valuable to your customers and prospects and you want to stay in front of them on a regular basis. But you don’t want to be a pest!

An email autoresponder is the way to send your emails automatically and on a regular basis. 

An autoresponder is a powerful email marketing tool that will automatically provide information to your prospects, via email, and then follow up using a series of marketing emails at preset intervals. This process is often referred to as email marketing campaigns, sequential autoresponders, email drip marketing or simply an email series.

The AllClients Email Autoresponder Solution

AllClients has taken email autoresponder software to the next level by integrating the contact manager, landing pages, email templates, and opt-in logic into one easy to use, and easy to understand system.

AllClients is the first product to combine all of these powerful CRM software features, saving you from having to learn several separate systems and then also learn how to duct tape them all together. 

With AllClients CRM autoresponder software, you will be able to create your own email templates, then build your autoresponders, then create your own custom landing pages to attract new clients. Once a new prospect fills out your form, they are marked as “opted-in” and your email autoresponder campaign starts automatically.

So basically, you are attracting new clients, and following up with them all automatically, and professionally. And you can be sleeping, on vacation or spending time with your family while your email marketing autoresponder system is working for you.

In addition to sending email autoresponders, AllClients will also be your single source solution for client management data. You will use AllClients CRM software to log customer notes, to-do lists, keep track of your referral tree, and more.

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