What is Drip Marketing?

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So exactly what is drip marketing and how does it work?

When you hear “Drip Marketing” is usually referring to an email marketing campaign targeting prospects or customers. The “Drip” coming from the fact that you are “dripping” emails on your contact like you were dripping water on them.

Let’s say you have a prospective customer who is mildly interested in what you are selling or offering. You have their name and email address, but that’s about it. 

Here is an example of what happens WITH drip marketing vs what happens WITHOUT drip marketing:

Example WITH Drip Marketing

You have their email address and you know they are interested in your product at some level. So you send them an email every month with good, relevant information about your product, or the industry, or maybe you send out a general purpose newsletter each month.  

The prospect gets used to getting good info from you every month – they are warming up to you and getting comfortable with you. 

After several months, the prospect is ready to get serious about buying whatever you are selling. Since they remember you and know that you can meet their needs, they reach out to you and hopefully they end up buying from you.

Example WITHOUT Drip Marketing

You don’t really have a system to keep in touch with this prospect, but heck – they know who you are, and they will call you when they are ready. Right? Well…let’s see:

6 months goes by since they have last had any contact or interaction with you. They may vaguely remember you or maybe they have forgotten about you altogether. 

In either case, they are ready to make a buying decision so they go online searching for vendors. They find someone (not you) and reach out to them for help. They end up buying, but not from you.

The Power of Drip Marketing

Imagine having hundreds (or thousands) of prospects getting your marketing emails each month without you having to lift a finger. They keep hearing from you and when they are ready to do business, they pick up the phone and call you.

It’s like having a pool of prospects that you are keeping warm and when one of them is ready to do something, they raise their hand and then you can go help them.

Drip Marketing in AllClients

AllClients CRM software has a couple different ways you can do drip marketing. If you are just dripping on your people with emails only, use the email autoresponder system. If your drip email campaigns include contacting them methods in addition to emails (texts, phone calls, postcards, ect…), then use the AllClients Workflow System. 

In both cases it is a snap to build your campaigns. Just write your emails, and then assign those emails in the sequence you have decided upon to either an autoresponder or a workflow. 

Now that you have your drip marketing all set up, you can have those campaigns automatically assigned when a lead comes into your system. That way your drip campaigns are ready to launch 24/7/365. 

AllClients makes drip marketing easy for any small business owner. You can build a campaign in an hour that will keep your prospects warm for years to come.

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