do i really need a crm

As the owner of a CRM company, you would think I would say “Yes. Everyone needs a CRM.” However I might surprise you here with this statement:

Many businesses do not need a CRM

A CRM is just a tool to help you manage customer relationships. If you don’t need help in this area, then you don’t need a CRM. 

Let’s look at some examples where you would not need a CRM.

You do not need a CRM if:

1. You only have a handful of customers and prospects

If you work with only a few prospects at a time, for instance you target celebrities or very wealthy individuals, you might not need a CRM. We can all keep track of 5-10 customers in our heads. Sometimes introducing a CRM into this scenario causes more problems than it solves. 

A CRM is valuable when you need to juggle several balls at one time. If you only have 1 ball, you have no need for a CRM!

2. Your business has a built-in customer base

Ebay, Gas Stations and the DMV probably have little use for a CRM. You don’t need to attract new customers if you own a gas station. Chances are, people chose you because of your location and the prices on your sign. 

You go on Ebay when you need to buy or sell something. A representative at Ebay doesn’t call you to check-in and see if there is anything they can do for you.

3. You think on paper (or white boards!)

Some of us are just old school. We think on paper, we keep notes and write everything down. Maybe you have spiral notebooks, journals or just a lot of yellow pads. Others have white boards with all the information they need to keep track and to follow up with customers and prospects. And don’t forget the trusty filing cabinet where all the past records are. 

Converting from paper to CRM software is sometimes too much to ask. If your brain is wired for paper, a CRM may not be helpful and may even be detrimental to your organized chaos.

When a CRM IS helpful

A CRM can help you keep track of hundreds or thousands of customers.

A CRM will:

  • help you get organized
  • remind you of who you need to call today 
  • automate your email and text message campaigns
  • give you a single place to log your contact notes

Here is the best way to know if YOU need a CRM:

If you feel a little out of control, if customers are following through the crack and if your follow-up and follow through needs some help then you need a CRM.

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