The client management tracking system is the most underrated tool in the small business owner’s toolbox today. Of course the contact management system helps with organization, but having all of your customers, past customers and prospective customers in one place is a “must have” for anyone serious about their business. 

It’s not just about getting organized. It’s about having a client management software in place that will follow up with your customers and prospects, remind you about important client tasks, and bring in new leads to your business. 

Too often the small business owner glosses over the need to put all contacts in a single place. In many cases he or she has had a bad experience with a previous client management software tool and is afraid to jump into another one.

Most client databases try to be everything to everyone. They try to cram as many CRM software features into their product as possible. This will make them look good on a feature for feature comparison chart against the competition, but the actual business owner who has to use the CRM product almost always suffers as a result. 

AllClients client management software is different. 

At AllClients we believe a Client Management System should be simple and straight forward. After all, a good CRM software system should make your job easier and give you more time to spend with your clients and less time you spend with your computer. We think you should only be in your contact management software system a few minutes a day, and only when YOU need to add or retrieve some information. The rest of the time your client management software system should be doing the heavy lifting for you: reminding you about important events, following up with your clients through automatic marketing systems, and attracting new leads with a great lead capture page. In AllClients, all this is happening without you having to be in the CRM system at all. 

With AllClients’ client management software, you will get basic contact management features like keeping client records, managing to-do’s, notes and calendar events, and then more advanced functionality like easy-to-make landing pages and autoresponders for email drip campaigns.

Since 2004, AllClients continues to be the leader in providing the easiest to use contact management system, with a price tag that is easy to handle as well.

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