Call for Info

A virtual phone system that allows you to get your messages out quickly and easily

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Just Three Easy Steps!

Step 1:

Get your own local or toll-free number with unlimited extensions.

Step 2:

Record your messages using any phone or upload messages prerecorded from your computer.

Step 3:

Your callers call in and listen to your messages.

An automated system perfect for any business or organization!

Here's How It Works

First you’ll get your own virtual local or toll-free phone number. This number is not connected to any physical phone. You can create as many extensions as you want and then record messages of any length. 

You can easily record your messages using your own phone or you can upload MP3 files with messages you previously recorded. Your recordings can be a short few sentences, several minutes, or even hours if you have that much to say! 

Give your phone number out and your callers can call it 24/7 and no matter how many people call at once, no one will ever get a busy signal.

Why Businesses Like Yours Love Call For Info:

(This phone system is for inbound calls only – This is not a robocall or ringless voicemail system)

The Perfect Solution for:


Church members are stuck at home and some are more comfortable using their phone than the internet. They can call in every week to listen to sermons, worship music, announcements, how to give an offering, and more. 

Real Estate

Real Estate Agents might want to provide information about their homes for sale. They have one phone number and a different message on each extension. Ext 10 will tell you all about the home at 123 Maple Street. “Ext  20 will tell you all about the home at 444 Walnut Street.” 

Covid-19 & Disaster Response

During a crisis like COVID-19, weather events, or other natural disasters, companies and other organizations need to keep their employees informed about what’s going on. Call Ext 5 for the company status and when it’s safe to go back to work. 

Youth Sports

Little League baseball players, Pop Warner football players, cheerleaders and the like – need to know when and where the games are, practice schedules and other information from their coach.  “Ext 1 will provide information on the next game, Ext 2 you can hear the practice schedule, Ext 3 will tell you about which uniform to wear.”

Call for Info is the Affordable Solution!

Only $14.95/mo

+ a penny a minute for the time people are listening to your messages

Try Call For Info for Yourself!


Ext 1: Learn about Call for Info
Ext 2: Directions for recording messages
Ext 3: Pricing breakdown
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