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AllClients turns 15 this year and we’re giving away something special to one of our customers…

Here are the details…

The Video:
– In the video, you must include:
– Your Name, Company, and City
– What you love about AllClients

Other ideas for things to include in your video: 
– How long you’ve been using AllClients
– What is your favorite thing that AllClients does for you
– Something specific AllClients helps you with
– How AllClients has affected your business (or life)

Entry Requirements:
1. Send the video or downloadable video link to ipad@allclients.com
2. Like us on Facebook

Bonus Entry:
Wanna get 2 entries in the drawing?

We are creating a “We Love Our Customers” page on our website, with logos from our customers all over the globe.

Send us your logo to be included on our new page, and we’ll put you in the drawing twice!

Send your logo in a .jpg or .png format to ipad@allclients.com.

The Fine Print:
By entering into this drawing, you are giving AllClients permission to:

1. Publish your video or quotes from your video.
2. Publish your name and likeness.
3. Edit your video for length or clarity purposes.
4. Put your logo on our website (if you are submitting it as a bonus entry).

*Entries must be received by 5pm, Friday, March 15, 2019.

*The winner will be announced Friday 3/15 @ 7pm on Facebook

*The iPad Pro + iPencil will be shipped Monday 3/18 via FedEx.

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