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Spend Less Time Working on Your Business and More Time Working with Your Customers

Jack of all trades, master of not nearly enough – that’s how it can feel being a small business owner. Between client management, online marketing, and simply staying on top of emails, the time spent keeping your business running gets in the way of actually doing your business.

Because there’s only so many hours in the day… and so many things that have to get done if you want to effectively grow your business.

Simple to learn, easy-to-use and the best part… no, IT skills necessary

AllClients customer database software works with all types of small businesses. Whether you’re a one-person shop or have a 10 person team, we built it to give you the email marketing and CRM functionality you’ll need to successfully manage and grow your business.

Plus, there’s no steep learning curve, tedious and confusing installation or trying to integrate multiple software products involved. 

We designed AllClients CRM software that way for a reason… so you can spend more time increasing your bottom line, not your techie skills. 

A CRM software solution built by the people who know what it means to start small

We started building CRM software solutions back in the ’90s with nothing more than a good idea, a garage as an office, and a border collie as the mascot. Our goal was simple: to design the most user friendly, easy to learn piece of CRM software community health center workers had ever seen. Hundreds of demos and countless hours later spent finding out exactly what our customers needed, we did just that.

Since then, we began AllClients small business database software with a similar vision. We want to help you, the small business owner, do what you do best – work with your clients without the headache of trying to expertly manage all of the information that goes along with it.

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Address: AllClients LLC
1344 Disc Drive #200
Sparks, Nevada 89436

about jeff

Jeff Shamus

CEO & Co-Founder

“Software should be intuitive and easy to use out of the box – you shouldn’t need a user’s manual to figure it out.”

Obsessed with understanding his customers – that’s what sets Jeff apart and makes him so good at his job. He’s passionate about staying on the front lines of the business, constantly learning about how he can improve AllClients to meet his customers’ needs.

Jeff is in a Beatles tribute band, he is a huge fan of the Cincinnati Reds and loves to get out on the golf course whenever possible. Along with his wife of 32 years, he calls Northern Nevada home.

about todd

Todd Binder

President & Co-Founder

“If a task is tedious, the computer should do it for you.”

Todd has been developing and designing software for over 30 years. He has the rare skill of being able to take a complex technical problem and turn it into the customer’s favorite feature. 

Todd believes that technology should make our lives easier and that computers exist to do our busy work. 

When he’s not writing code, Todd escapes the computer to work on his golf game, camp, and travel with his wife and two lovely daughters.

about jen

Jen Brown

Customer Experience Mgr.

Jen has been helping small business owners improve and streamline their businesses for more than 25 years. An expert in all things AllClients, Jen loves helping users benefit from all the tools AllClients provides. 

She is an advocate for the user and is involved in the development efforts at AllClients to help make things better and easier to use. 

A Southern California native, Jen loves the beach, loves Disneyland, and loves spending time with family and friends. 

alyssa sep

Alyssa Shamus

Marketing Manager

A content expert with a creative marketing mind, Alyssa specializes in building and deploying relevant CRM content. She produces and directs all of AllClients’ videos, blogs, social media, multi-media and website activities.

She oversees AllClients’ online presence and works to develop innovative strategies to increase online brand awareness and customer engagement.

Alyssa loves music, art, and volunteering for her church.

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