White Label CRM Success

The essential guide to your own branded CRM and creating clients for life!

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“When you can provide a complete solution... you have something your customers are not going to want to turn off!”

— Dean Jackson

White Label CRM

The Complete Solution

You have great marketing ideas and strategies for small businesses and your clients desperately need your help. But they also need something else: The software system that ties everything together and makes your marketing genius content actually produce results.

In this book you will learn the different ways you can start offering a complete solution for your customers, including the best way: white labeling a CRM.

It will be a game changer for you when you combine the marketing information you teach with the tools to properly implement your ideas.

What You'll Find Inside

  • Five Painful Realities of Selling Just Marketing Information
  • The Better Way
  • How to Get Started with a White Label CRM
  • How to Work Together to Achieve While Label CRM Success

jeff shamus

About the Author

I have been eating, sleeping, and breathing CRM’s for over 3 decades. My current company, AllClients, was the first to offer a White Label CRM back in 2009… and the second multi-million-dollar CRM company I founded.

To date, I have helped thousands of marketers explore the White Label CRM concept and helped hundreds implement the AllClients solution.

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White Label CRM Success

by Jeff Shamus

The essential guide to your own branded CRM and creating clients for life!

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