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You have a new company and you want to tell the world about your products and services.

There are lots of ways to do this: You can go on TV, get on the radio, buy space on a billboard, and mail out brochures. But wait… those things cost money – a lot of money.

I know, how about sending out emails? It’s free and it’s easy! If you send out 10,000 emails and just 2% of the people respond, that is 200 people interested in you! And all you have to do is increase that 10,000 and the numbers get nutso!

Bam! Overnight, your business is a success…right? Well… not exactly.

Anti-spam laws require that you get permission from people before sending them emails. If you just start blasting emails out to people who have not given you permission to do so, you are sending spam.

In addition, when you send emails to lists where you don’t have permission, your open and click through rates will be very low, and your deliverability rates will suffer as well.

Permission based email defined

Also called “opt-in email”, permission based email is essentially getting permission PRIOR to sending someone an email. Meaning people must take action to opt-in, in order to receive your information.

When you use Permission Based Email, you stay out of spam trouble, your deliverability rate is better and it is more likely that someone on the other end will read and respond to your marketing email.

Permission based email examples

The easiest way to get started with permission email marketing is to use a Landing Page. A website Landing Page is a single page website where you offer something of value in return for the permission to send emails.

For Example, let’s say you are a Real Estate Agent looking to get more property listings. On your landing page you might offer an e-book entitled: “6 Ways to get Top Dollar When Selling Your House”. Those thinking about selling their houses will be very interested in this information. When they fill out the landing page form giving you their name and email, they are also giving you permission to send them emails.

Now you have their contact information and approval to utilize permission email marketing.

Other ways to build your permission based email list

1. Have a permission form at your place of business
2. Collect emails at trade shows and other marketing events
3. Add your current and former customers to your opt-in list

In all cases, be sure you are clear that they are giving you permission to send them marketing emails.

What about buying a list from a list broker?

There are companies out there selling email lists touting that these are “opt-in lists” – They say people on their lists have given permission to send them emails. Don’t go there. Lists that comes from third parties are bad news: they have not given YOU permission, and sending marketing emails to these lists will only get you in trouble – no matter what the list broker tells you.

This all sounds so complicated – Is there an easy way to do this?

Yes! Permission Based Email is built right into AllClients. We make it easy to opt-in your previously opted-in contacts, we give you landing pages to help build your lists, and we have built in all the spam compliant requirements into our system.

Complying with the anti-spam laws is easy with AllClients.

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